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Wildfires During a Public Health Disaster Webinar

Program originally recorded July 29, 2020



The world has been so focused on COVID-19 that it seems summer, and wildfire season, snuck up on us. Responding to wildfires in the midst of a pandemic is another example of how important it is for health care personnel and communities to work together. Preparing and thinking outside the box when it comes to wildfires while dealing with a community spread pandemic helps improve our response. 

How do evacuation and shelter-in-place orders change with a highly communicable disease in the mix? Register for this webinar to find that answer along with other recommendations and helpful tips.

    Who should participate
    Chief Nursing Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Disaster Preparedness Coordinators, Emergency Department Staff, Risk Managers, Safety Directors, Infection Control, Clinical Staff.


    • Wildfire Command and Operational Period Objectives with COVID-19
    • How emergency response personnel roles change in a prolonged event
    • How staffing, transport, supplies and equipment planning changes in a pandemic



    Mary Massey
    Vice President, Emergency Management
    California Hospital Association

    Mary Massey has over 25 years in hospital emergency services and county health disaster management.  She participates in multi-agency, state and federal coalitions and deploys with the CA-1 Disaster Medical Assistance (DMAT) Team.
    A Department of Justice (DOJ) Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Instructor, and Master Exercise Practitioner, she graduated from Naval Postgraduate School with a Master’s in Homeland Security and Defense and currently is the Vice President, Emergency Management at the California Hospital Association.