Enrollment Strategies for California Hospitals
Helping Individuals Obtain Coverage in the Covered California Marketplace

CHA is pleased to offer resources to support California hospitals and health systems in their continued efforts to develop and implement initiatives that help Californians obtain health coverage through the Covered California marketplace and the Medi-Cal program. To facilitate these goals, we have outlined seven distinct outreach and enrollment practices currently in use by hospitals across the state. Adapted from our guidebook titled Helping Individuals Obtain Health Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act: Outreach and Enrollment Strategies for California Hospitals (July 2013), the interrelated strategies support California hospitals’ key role in expanding health coverage and access to care to all eligible individuals. CHA encourages hospitals to build upon these practices over time and as new tools are developed.  Materials below are provided in a printable PDF format.


Strategy 4

Strategy 1

Strategy 5

Strategy 2

Strategy 6

Strategy 3

Strategy 7