California Hospital Engagement Network Executive Briefing Recording

A Complimentary Recording of the CHA Program Recorded Live Jan. 13, 2012


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Last year, we notified hospitals that CHA and the Regional Associations were teaming with the American Hospital Association’s Health Research & Education Trust (HRET) to seek federal funding as a Hospital Engagement Contractor under the Health and Human Services’ Partnership for Patients safety initiative. 

We are pleased to announce HRET has received the largest national award from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services — nearly 2,000 hospitals in 34 states, including California, will work together to improve the quality of care in our nation’s hospitals. CHA, the Hospital Council of Northern and Central California, Hospital Association of Southern California, Hospital Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties, and California Hospital Patient Safety Organization are thrilled to be partnering with HRET.

The project has been named the California Hospital Engagement Network (CA HEN).  Joining the CA HEN and partnering with your Hospital Associations will allow your hospital(s) to take advantage of the Associations’ knowledge of California markets, specific California reporting requirements, joint learning experiences, analyses and guidelines, and summaries of the existing patient-safety work accomplished by hospitals.

All California hospitals that are interested in joining the initiative should participate in this executive briefing describing next steps and answering questions.


Maulik S. Joshi, DrPH
President, Health Research & Education Trust (HRET) and Senior Vice President, Research, American Hospital Association

California Hospital Association staff on hand for questions:
Lois Suder, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
David Perrott, MD, DDS, Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer
Alyssa Keefe, Vice President, Federal Regulatory Affairs


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