Seismic Relief through SB 499 Web Seminar CD
SB 499 Requirements, HAZUS Revisions and Alternatives to Seismic Compliance Mandate


Web Seminar Recorded on February 3, 2010

On January 12, 2010, the California Building Standards Commission adopted emergency regulations that include a number of seismic relief measures, including raising the HAZUS threshold—which would enable more SPC-1 hospital buildings to be reclassified as SPC-2 and receive an extension to 2030.

As allowed under Senate Bill 499, the new emergency regulations are a welcome relief for many hospitals. The bill includes a two-year extension to the 2013 date under prescribed conditions and establishes new annual reporting requirements for hospitals with SPC-1 buildings. New penalties apply, however, for missing reporting deadlines. The new deadlines and requirements established by SB 499 can be used in conjunction with other seismic mandate relief opportunities—an added benefit to many hospitals.

Recorded on February 3, 2010, this two-hour web seminar features Paul Coleman, deputy director of OSHPD’s Facility Development Division, who reviews all the options now available for seismic mandate extensions, including the new requirements under SB 499 and its accompanying emergency regulations. In addition, he explains new requirements which may allow over 2,100 California hospital buildings to be exempt from NPC-3 nonstructural requirements until 2030.

Program highlights include:

  • A review of seismic relief now available to hospitals, pertinent deadlines and prerequisites for compliance
  • An explanation of SB 499 and its accompanying emergency regulations including:
  • Use of Seismic Design Categories in lieu of Seismic Zones
  • New HAZUS cut score
  • Voluntary structural improvements
  • NPC-3 extensions and exemptions within Seismic Design Categories
  • New annual reporting requirements
  • Penalties for non-compliance with reporting requirements
  • An overview of new OSHPD initiatives to expedite plan review and area compliance for 2010

This program is recommended for:

Chief executive officers, chief operating officers, facility managers, health care architects, structural, electrical and mechanical engineers, construction project managers, inspectors of record and all other members of the construction project team.


Paul A. Coleman, Architect, is the deputy director for the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD), Facilities Development Division (FDD). As deputy director, Mr. Coleman is the chief building official for California’s hospitals—more than 4,000 buildings located at 1,709 healthcare facilities under FDD jurisdiction statewide. Prior to assuming the role of deputy director in 2009, Mr. Coleman served as OSHPD’s southern California deputy division chief in the FDD. There he was responsible for planning and directing work of the program staff, and assisted in the formulation and implementation of policies related to enforcement of the Seismic Safety Act. Mr. Coleman is a licensed architect and general contractor in the state of California.

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