Model Medical Staff Bylaws & Rules
Templates that can be customized


An updated edition is currently in production. Please check back in November 2019 for more information and for availability.

CHA’s Model Medical Staff Bylaws & Rules set the framework for the working relationship of the medical staff, hospital administration and governing body, and assures legal protections are in place. The model document stresses quality-of-care responsibilities and accountability and is intended to serve as a template that hospitals can use to develop their own bylaws and rules. System-wide credentialing and allied health professionals also are addressed. The manual is consistent with California and federal law, and with applicable The Joint Commission and DNV Healthcare accreditation standards.

The model bylaws and rules include changes in CMS requirements, California law, recent litigation, and other technical and editorial amendments, as well as provisions to address activation of the California Society of Healthcare Attorneys’ Hearing Officer selection service and provisions to accommodate those hospitals that select accreditation by DNV Healthcare.Contents

  • Bylaws
    • Preamble
    • Definitions
    • Name and Purposes
    • Medical Staff Membership
    • Categories of the Medical Staff
    • Procedures for Appointment and Reappointment
    • Privileges
    • Allied Health Professionals
    • Performance Evaluation and Monitoring
    • Medical Staff Officers and Medical Director
    • Committees
    • Departments and Sections
    • Meetings
    • Confidentiality, Immunity, Releases and Indemnification
    • Performance Improvement and Corrective Action
    • Hearings and Appellate Reviews
    • General Provisions
    • Adoption and Amendment of Bylaws
  • Rules
    • Categories of Membership
    • Appointment and Reappointment
    • Standards of Conduct
    • Committees
    • Departments
    • Allied Health Professionals