Minors and Health Care Law Manual
A handbook on consent for treatment of infants, children & adolescents


NOTE: The Minors and Health Care Law manual  is no longer available as a stand-alone publication. Updated content from this manual can be found entirely in the Consent Manual, available to members immediately through PDF download

Who can legally give consent for treatment of a minor? Once a fairly simple question, the changing nature of families often complicates the answer. Providers must now frequently seek consent from separated or divorced parents, stepparents, foster parents, grandparents, guardians and other adults.

This handbook explains all state and federal laws related to consent for treatment of infants, children and adolescents. It covers emergency treatment, reporting requirements, access to medical records, release of patient information, refusal of treatment and child abuse reporting. Special consent issues addressed include when adolescents can consent to their own treatment, admission to psychiatric facilities, antipsychotic medication, and HIV testing.

Minors and Health Care Law Manual is a must-have for administrators, risk managers, pediatric staff, health information and admissions staff, privacy officers, health care attorneys, nurses, emergency room staff, clinic managers, social workers, quality managers and others within a hospital or health care facility.

(13th edition, 2017)


  • The Basic Principles of Consent
  • Minors Lacking Legal Authority to Consent
  • Minors with Legal Authority to Consent
  • Maternity and Newborn Issues
  • Special Issues (HIV testing, law enforcement requests, vaccines, mental health treatment and more)
  • Refusal of Treatment
  • Minors’ Privacy Rights and Access to Health Information
  • Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Release of a Minor From a Health Facility 

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