Getting Started Materials Released
California Hospital Engagement Network Phone Assessments Begin

The Partnership for Patients program to reduce patient harm by 40 percent and readmissions by 20 percent by 2013,  the California Hospital Engagement Network, has issued “welcome” and “getting started” materials to network members outlining several action steps that must be completed by July 31.

To assist participating hospitals, network facilitators are conducting one-on-one phone interviews with hospitals over the next few weeks. The interviews will provide an opportunity to discuss the clinical areas of improvement specific to each hospital and identify what support is needed to help each hospital meet its goals. Network facilitators also can help hospitals with what steps should be taken now to begin reporting data to the Comprehensive Data System. Hospitals are being contacted to schedule the phone interviews; however, hospitals also may call Mahsa Farahani at (916) 552-7521 to schedule an interview. In addition, “change packages” for each clinical area of improvement will be posted on the CHA website for hospitals to use.