The California Guide to Preventing Sharps Injuries
Protect workers against sharps injuries and be prepared for Cal/OSHA inspections with this must-have resource

Step-by-step, the guide explains how to comply with Cal/OSHA’s amended Bloodborne Pathogen Standard. Health care providers must protect workers against HIV and hepatitis B and C, including using improved needleless systems and sharps with safety devices.

This guide tells how to develop an action plan, evaluate and select devices, establish safer work practices, document sharps injuries, and create an exposure control plan. Sample plans, guidelines, logs and device evaluation forms make this guide especially useful.

225 pages (1st edition, 1999)


  • Introduction
  • Step 1 – Understand the Law
  • Step 2 – Develop an Action Plan
    • Sample Sharps Safety Action Plan
    • Suggested Committee Format to Develop and Implement the Sharps Safety Action Plan
  • Step 3 – Select and Evaluate Safety Devices
    • Sample Criteria for Selecting Safer Sharps Devices
    • Evaluation Forms
    • Arterial Blood Gas
    • Dialysis Needle
    • I.V. Access Device
    • I.V. Safety Catheters
    • Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter
    • Safety Device – HuberLok (or similar device)
    • Safety Device – Needle Encapsulation
    • Safety Device – Medication Vial Access
    • Safety Scapel
    • Safety Syringe/Needle
    • Vacuum Tube Phlebotomy
    • Venipuncture Needle
    • Winged I.V. Needle
  • Step 4 – Establish Safer Work Practices
    • Recommended Safer Work Practices
    • Emergency Department
    • Environmental Services/Housekeeping
    • Home Health Nursing
    • Invasive Diagnostic Imaging
    • Labor and Delivery
    • Laboratory
    • Nursing
    • Peri-Operative Setting
    • Respiratory Therapy
  • Step 5 – Document Sharps Injuries
    • Sample Sharps Injury Logs
    • Department of Health Services, Occupational Health Branch
    • Simplified Log – San Gabriel Valley Medical Center
    • EPINet
  • Step 6 – Develop an Exposure Control Plan
    • Sample Exposure Control Plan for Hospitals
    • Sample Exposure Control Plan for Physician Offices, Clinics and Other Settings
    • Attachments
    • Sample Criteria for Selecting Safer Sharps Devices
    • Safer Sharps and Work Practices Evaluation Process
    • Device Selection Protocol
    • Sample Documentation of Exception to Engineering Controls Subsection (d)(3)(A)
    • Needles with Engineered Sharps Injury Protection
    • Confirmation of Post-Exposure Evaluation
    • Record of Hepatitis B Vaccine Declination
    • Sharps Injury Logs
  • Appendixes