Accountable Care Organizations Web Seminar CD
Opportunities and challenges


Web Seminar Recorded Live October 12, 2010

Health care reform is changing health care financing and delivery. With the Affordable Care Act came Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).

ACOs may present great opportunities, and possibly challenges, and it is one of the many delivery options that hospitals should consider. But with regulations expected to be released next year, uncertainties in the regulatory environment abound.

This web seminar is intended to help member hospitals identify the key strategic issues they need to consider when evaluating whether an ACO is right for their organization. It covers what we know and what we don’t know, and provides insights into how the regulatory process is playing out in Washington, D.C.

We encourage you to listen to this thought-provoking program.


C. Duane Dauner, President/CEO, California Hospital Association
Bruce Merlin Fried, Partner, SNR Denton
Mark Hamelburg, Partner, SNR Denton


Health Care Reform: The Big Picture

The Political Context and ACO Program Overview

  • What’s happening in Washington?
  • Why ACOs? The driving forces
  • The nuts and bolts of the law
  • Fact versus fiction: What an ACO is and what it is not

Strategic Issues Hospitals Should Consider

  • Can you make a business case?
  • The unknowns: What will the regulations say?
  • Legal issues: anti-trust, physician self-referral and risk regulation
  • Implications for rural hospitals

What Comes Next?

  • The regulatory process and the key players
  • What should hospitals do now?

This program is recommended for:

Chief executive officers, chief operating officers, chief medical officers, chief financial officers, compliance officers, legal counsel, managed care directors, board members and anyone else involved in strategic decision making.