2012 Disaster Planning Presentation Downloads

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Pre-Conference, October 15

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Pre-Conference Workshop: Continuity Planning for Hospitals—A Holistic Approach

Continuity 101
Angela Devlen

Continuity Planning at California Hospitals —A Panel Presentation
Brandon Bond, MS, EMT, CBCP, Tracy Robles, ARM, HEM, Jeremy Stacy, and Ray Bonilla, Jr., MBA, CBCP, MBCI

Continuity Planning Handouts and Other Resources

Hospital Continuity Program Checklist

Hospital Continuity Planning Toolkit

VI. Appendixes

VII. Additional Example Plans/Resources

Other Resources

Tuesday, October 16

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General Sessions

The Joplin Recovery: One Year Later
Robert Patterson, Leslie Porth, RN, MPH, and Regina Thomas, CBCP

Public/Private Partnerships: Keep the Resources Coming
Bill Avery,  Kim Bedwell, Edward Daniels, and Rob Bergbower

FEMA Update
Nancy Ward

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Luncheon Session

California National Guard: Always Ready, Always There
Colonel Robert A. Spano

Breakout Sessions

Business Continuity Lessons Learned
Brandon Bond, MS, EMT, CBCP, and Sharon L. Carlson

Seeing Through the Dark — Continuing Care During Loss of Power
Karen Trapane, Cathy Faulkner and Dale White

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Energizing Clinicians and Physicians — The Road to Disaster Readiness
Thérèse Rymer, RN, C.FNP, COHN-S, MAS, and Monique Imroth, BA

Pediatric Surge Planning: Who’s Minding the Kids?
Kathryn Koelemay, MD, MPH, Bridget Berg, MPH, and Millicent Wilson, MD

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Raising the Bar on Your Facilities Department
Cameron Bruce, PE, CSP, and Sheila Hennessey

Trauma and Burn Surge Plan Development
Vivian Reyes, MD, FACEP,  Kristina Spurgeon, MPH, and Kathleen Egan

Hospital Code Triage: The Reno Air Race Crash
Michael J. Munda, JD, M.Ed, CPHRM, and Kris Gaw

Wednesday, October 17

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General Sessions

Crisis Standards of Care
Eric A. Weiss, MD, FACEP, Christy Sandborg, MD, Ann Weinacker, MD, and Howard Backer, MD, MPH

CDPH and EMSA Updates
Betsy Lyman and Howard Backer, MD, MPH

Aurora Theater Shootings
Comilla Sasson, MD, MS, and Patrick Conroy

2012 Statewide Medical and Health Exercise and
a Quick Look at the 2013 Exercise Program

Susan Fanelli, Mary Massey, BSN, PHN, and Dan Kotyk, MBA, FACHCA

Breakout Sessions

Managing Staff Resources in Surge Treatment Areas
Robin Varela, RN, MSN, and Lisa Blair

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Soup to Nuts, OB to IT, Business Continuity for Small Hospitals
Barbara L. Dodge, BA, ED

A Crisis in Leadership — What You Need to Know BEFORE Disaster Hits
Regina Phelps, RN, BSN, CEM, MPA

MassCATT: Beyond Color Coding
Suzy Fitzgerald, MD, FAEM