Will Glaspie, RN
Director, Volunteer Services, Oroville Hospital, Oroville

Will is a licensed Registered Nurse. Prior to coming to work at Oroville Hospital, he was Director of Nursing Services of a small hospital. He has worked at Oroville Hospital since March, 1987, and has held management positions including Med/Surg Manager, Director of Human Resources/Security and Director of Volunteer Services.

Will has been involved in healthcare for most of his adult life; including teaching EMTs, former American Heart Association Instructor Trainer, Emergency Medical Service committee membership, as well as having worked as CNA, LPN & RN

More recently Will has served on the CAHHS Committee on Volunteering as a Region I Liaison and as the 2015 Directors’ Coordinating Council Chair. 

Will is a private pilot with both commercial and instrument ratings. He is licensed to fly single-engine aircraft and flies almost every week as time and schedule allows. He admits that flying small aircraft is not very practical, but it is one of his favorite things to do. 

Will is excited to be involved in healthcare where change is expected and is almost constant. Over his 40+ healthcare career he has seen much change imposed on hospitals and healthcare services, particularly from third party payers and politics. Today is no different, but he is convinced that this very versatile industry will continue to meet the challenge as it always has. 

Oroville Hospital
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