Wendy J. Reese
Director, Volunteer & Guest Services Programs, UCSF Medical Center

Wendy J. Reese, currently Director of the UCSF Medical Center Volunteer & Guest Services Programs, in the division of UCSF Health at University, California San Francisco is leading a team of up to 28 staff in two departments.

As a highly accomplished and dedicated visionary leader, with extensive experience in concierge-style management, employee engagement, Lean/A3Thinking and Problem Solving skills, training and compliance, Reese is a strategic thinker and exceptional communicator. She has spent years honing her skills in event management, expertise in employee and volunteer relations, and uses her competent interpersonal and coaching skills to lead her teams forward.

Reese is uniquely qualified to lead her teams as a veteran in education, volunteer leadership, administration and fundraising for all levels of education and Schools of Nursing.  Reese branched out into Concierge-Style Programs in the academic healthcare setting about ten years ago.  She has spent more than 25 years creating and directing programs designed to help improve the user/customer service and volunteer/event experience.  She works with senior leaders, faculty and line staff to understand the different levels of patient needs under the newly expanded “Volunteer Services Program” and “Guest Services Representative” concierge-style program umbrella; designed to help improve the patient experience and overall satisfaction for all in the UCSF Health System.

Reese worked at the University of Chicago and prior to that was in the family of UC’s at California San Diego Health System. She served there as Assistant Director of the Guest Relations Department, wherein she built a new program of Concierge-style, high level/high touch, navigation experiences to thank those donors who supported the mission of the institution with their “Time, Talents & Resources.”

Reese earned her Masters’ degree in Communication from California State University, Fullerton and is also a certified development professional (CDP) with additional accreditation from the University of Indiana.

Prior to UC San Diego, Reese worked at California Baptist University in Riverside, California as a Development Director raising funds specifically and primarily for their new BSN/MSN level school of Nursing.  This was the first BSN level School of Nursing in the entire Inland Empire, (the largest county in all of Southern California.)  Her career at CBU lasted 6 years and resulted in raising $18+ million dollars to help build the new School of Nursing building along with her primary Women’s Board “The Women of Vision.”  With hundreds of volunteers, 80 board members, their three primary fundraising events each year, all of these became pivotal to the outreach, education and fundraising opportunities which supported the growth and expansion of these necessary programs.

Wendy prides herself on being a dedicated volunteer in her areas of profession, in her community and in the church(es) she attends – she is a member of the California Mentoring Association, as well as a member of the University Healthcare Consortium’s Global Executive Services Council and Leadership.  Through her church Menlo Church of Menlo Park, CA she serves the homeless @ StreetLife Ministries with her weekly Life Group.