Unemployment Insurance Division

The Unemployment Insurance Division (UID), a nonprofit operating division of CAHHS, offers complete management services for unemployment insurance claims and appeals on behalf of health care employers. UID team members are dedicated professionals who have earned a reputation for honesty and integrity in their service to health care employers.

UID services on behalf of healthcare employers include:

  • Detailed review of all unemployment insurance claims filed by former employees.
  • Protests to the payment of benefits on all appropriate issues.
  • Pursuit of claims through the appeals process
  • Preparation of witnesses and review of case details prior to hearings
  • Representiation at appeal hearings
  • Appeal of unfavorable decisions, including submission of written arguments
  • Audit of employer benefit charges 
  • Detailed activity and benefit charge reports.

UID provides additional valuable services to healthcare employers.  For more information visit or contact Mark Smith, UID Executive Director, at (818) 407-3930.