Toyon Associates, Inc.
Trahan H. Whitten, Executive Vice President


For over 30 years

With over 50 people, Toyon Associates combines innovative technology with a passion for accuracy and a commitment to service excellence. 

Leadership.  National leaders who have developed and executed reimbursement department outsourcing, reengineering, standardization, revenue recognition procedures and have developed effective compliance programs across the country.

Comprehensive Services.  At Toyon Associates, we offer a broad range of Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement services.  From cost reports, to DSH, to appeals, our consultants pursue all viable options for optimum reimbursement while ensuring you the peace of mind of compliance.  Our size and resources allow us to quickly respond to all of your government programs and reimbursement needs. 

Expert Analysis.  Over 50 people who dedicate 100 percent of their time to government programs and reimbursement services.  This is what we do, this is all we do, and there is no one better. Our specialists analyze and apply all applicable regulations, safeguarding your facility’s financial health.

Proven Excellence.  Specialized teams dedicated to the specific areas you are targeting.  Our teams spend 100 percent of their time focused on Medicare, Medicaid/Cal, OSHPD, and Tricare report preparation.  Others who spend 100 percent of their time on DSH, or Bad Debts, Wage Index, charity care reporting or our appeal services 

Absolute Systems.  State of the art technology to ensure accuracy, consistency and compliance of all government reporting.  Designed specifically to automate and standardize the cost report preparation process.

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