Tony Paquin

Tony Paquin, founder and CEO of Paquin Healthcare Companies, has developed innovative business opportunities and consumer-focused strategies for over 200 hospitals and healthcare systems. With over 20 years of experience in the insurance and healthcare industries, Mr. Paquin is nationally recognized as a leading authority in retail healthcare. His book, “The Retail Healthcare Revolution,” examines successful retail strategies at many hospitals across the United States.

Previously, Mr. Paquin founded the largest software company in the insurance industry, as well as a NASDAQ-listed healthcare services company. Mr. Paquin founded both the Arizona Software Association and the Idaho Technology Association.  He has served as an advisor to a governor and several senators, and has consulted on technology for the Naval War College, the CNA Insurance Board, and Lowes Corporation.

Having worked with many of the largest healthcare systems in the country, Mr. Paquin is considered the premier thought leader in direct-to-consumer movements. He has spoken in front of thousands of healthcare executives at countless industry gatherings, including SHSMD, the World Healthcare Congress, numerous state hospital association meetings and a number of hospital executive board meetings. Through speaking engagements, Mr. Paquin shares his vision in developing transformative healthcare concepts.