Todd McMullin
Co-founder, Samaritan Technologies, Salt Lake City, Utah

Todd McMullin is a Non-Profit Management Consultant with a 4-year degree in NGO Management and 20 years of experience consulting with more than 130 organizations in more than 50 cities across the United States.  Mr. McMullin has an extensive background in volunteer management, including volunteer recruiting, recognition, process workflows, outcome measurement and community integration strategies.  His background also includes disaster logistics management, including the supervision of statewide resource coordination teams for the states of Florida and Alabama during the 2004 hurricanes. 

Presently, Mr. McMullin helped build Samaritan from an idea into the largest commercial provider of volunteer management systems with and multiple state governments with more than 1.5 million volunteers serving more than 80 million hours per year.  He currently serves as co-director for the technology committee of the Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement (AL!VE); an association he co-founded in 2008.