Tarane Sondoozi, Psy.D., CEAP
Employee Assistance, Scripps Health, San Diego, California


Dr. Sondoozi has over 30 years of extensive experience in clinical and organizational settings as an executive coach, an organizational development consultant and educator. She has served as an internal and external consultant for non-profit healthcare organizations, Fortune 250 companies, manufacturing, retail, legal and educational institutions.

 Dr. Sondoozi is an author, a competent teacher and master story teller who teaches and applies an integrative approach to personal wellness, leadership effectiveness, services excellence and organizational success. She presents on a vast range of topics at professional conferences, symposiums and seminars nationally.

Current Role

Dr. Sondoozi serves at Scripps Health as an employee assistance professional, an organizational development consultant and as adjunct faculty for Scripps Center for Learning and Innovation. She is a dedicated teacher and avid learner who views strong and healthy relationships as the key to personal and professional success. She supports leaders and teams to achieve exceptional results through enhanced personal awareness, collaborative practice and meaningful leadership.

Educational Background

Sondoozi  holds a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from United States International University, San Diego, California. She obtained her M.Ed. in Counseling Psychology and her undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Philosophy from the University of San Diego, San Diego, California. She has taught at the graduate and doctoral level at Alliant International University and at California International Business University. She is an author; a well sought after speaker and innovative trainer whose work fosters professional and interpersonal wellness and success. 

Dr. Sondoozi is bilingual, multicultural and has travelled extensively. She brings a global and multi-cultural perspective to the services that she provides.

Professional Affiliations

Dr. Sondoozi is a certified member of Employee Assistance Professional Association. She is a member of the San Diego Organization of Healthcare Leaders and serves as an executive committee member on a number of non-profit institution boards.