Drew Erra, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

Stratford360 is a national benefits consulting firm with key executives in San Francisco and San Diego.  It is the premier source for healthcare executive and physician benefit plan design.  Our solutions enhance the recruitment and retention of your leadership team and physician staff, rewarding them for career service.  With over 30 years experience, our leaders understand the rigors of running a healthcare organization very well, in part because they have done it themselves. 

Our services include:
• Facilitating hospital and physician integration.
• Designing, funding, communication, and installation of security benefits for your team.
• Analyzing the competitiveness of your current supplemental benefits plans.

We continue our support for our clients through our benefit enrollment services and ongoing administration and are focused on maintaining long term relationships.

Due to our long standing presence in the field and the relationships we have built with the major carriers over those years, we are able to bring our clients discounts and guaranteed issue that others cannot achieve, thereby, bringing additional efficiencies to the process.

We pride ourselves on bringing to the table an understanding of benefits and their relationship to the compensation of high earning individuals that give our solutions staying power.

901 S. Marquette Avenue, Suite 2200
Minneapolis, MN 55402
(612) 337-1049