Stantec, Anshen + Allen
Jenifer Altenhoff, PhD. , Senior Principal

Since 1940, Anshen+Allen has been committed to creating inspiring architectural experiences that reinforce the individual spirit and affect positive transformation. Dedicated solely to academic and healthcare design, we focus our efforts on projects that benefit humanity, contribute to community and culture, and demonstrate a commitment to social progress.

As co-founders of the Center for Health Design, we have long advocated integrating investigative research with the design process to improve outcomes relating to patient and staff safety, medical errors, operational efficiency, and patient satisfaction. We are currently undertaking a research initiative to understand how to successfully integrate sustainable and evidence-based design elements to create the healthiest built environment possible.

An international practice with offices in San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Columbus, and London, Anshen+Allen’s staff continues to be committed to the importance of design process, integrity and innovation and we strive for design that uplifts and transforms lives.

Stantec, Anshen + Allen
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