RC Shields, Sr.
Voluntary Service Specialist, VA San Diego Healthcare System

RC Shields, a native of San Angelo, Texas.  He is a decorated Marine Corps Veteran who served in Desert Storm & Shields. Mr. Shields started with the Department of Veterans Affairs, San Diego Healthcare System in 2007 as a Medical Support Assistant.  Upon completion of the VA Emerging Leaders Program in July 2013 he became the Spinal Cord Injury Admissions Coordinator. In 2010 he assumed the position of Lead Medical Support Assistant where he assisted the medical administrative officer with planning and organizing the daily activities of the other staff, trained new employees on customer service, operational procedure and other activities of the job.

Mr. Shields began his Voluntary Service Specialist career as a Technical Career Field (TCF) Intern in September 2014.  He currently assists in overseeing an active Volunteer Program with 2000 regularly scheduled volunteers.  These volunteers provided over 115,000 hours of volunteer service for the hospitalized Veterans last year.

Mr. Shields   interview, places, orientate and trains all new volunteers to the program.  He works with other staff to ensure events sponsored by Voluntary Service are successful.  Mr. Shields is on the following committees:

Mr. Shields is a member of San Diego Association Directors Voluntary Service (SDADVS) and regularly attends monthly meetings.  He was asked to speak about the VA Volunteer Program at the Dec 2015 meeting.  

Mr. Shields dedicates his time on and off of work hours to assist others in maximizing their potential professionally and personally. He is a traveling Pastor for the last 22 years.  His personal mantra is “Leave no Vet behind”.