Prevail Insurance Management Services
Ben Borchers, Co-Founder & CEO / Devin Eckhardt, Co-Founder & President

Prevail provides highly specialized insurance management and brokerage services focused exclusively on meeting the needs of hospitals, large physician medical groups, foundations and hospital-sponsored clinics. Prevail is anything but the typical broker and has a unique approach that produces superior results. They are well-known for their proven ability to save clients anywhere from 10% to 36% on insurance premiums. As an independent broker, Prevail works with the best solutions in the insurance marketplace including some that are exclusive. Prevail’s services are designed to simplify your life by managing all your liability and property insurance needs. This includes Professional and General Liability Insurance, Employment Practices Liability Insurance and Workers Comp; to name a few. Prevail understands the challenges in the healthcare industry and deploys highly effective strategies that will help you achieve better outcomes. 

Ben Borchers
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Devin Eckhardt
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