Patrick Farrant
Western Regional Director, Mended Hearts, San Jose, California

Born in Northern Ontario.  At age 17, my mother and I moved to California as my father had died (heart attack) at age 61.  Evidently, I inherited his heart disease gene as I, too, had a heart attack and triple bypass surgery at age 60.

After college, my primary career was with a publisher of higher education, university level textbooks.  Currently (age 70) working with a friend who owns a small glass company.

I live in San Jose with my wife of 47 years.  Have two adult children and 4 grandchildren.  Enjoy golfing and high altitude trout fishing in the Sierra Mts. 

All of my free time is devoted to advancing the mission of Mended Hearts – a national heart patient support organization.  I live by our motto:  “It is great to be alive and to help others.”