Our Health California

CHA launched its digital community, Our Health California (OHC), in 2014 with the goal of building healthier communities and advancing access to quality health care. Now a community of more than 1 million supporters, OHC has received six national awards for its social media and advocacy campaigns.

One of OHC’s key priorities is educating voters and other politically active supporters. Periodically, CHA asks OHC supporters to speak up for hospitals on priority issues such as federal health reform and the Affordable Care Act, statewide ballot initiatives, Medi-Cal funding, access to behavioral health services, and other key legislative issues.

Hospital storytelling is also a key component of the OHC mission, helping to positively position hospitals and the work they do to keep communities healthy. The website’s News & Resources section showcases a variety of hospital stories and programs across the state, as well as consumer information and health and safety tips.

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