Mark Evanoff
The AlterNetWays Company, Pleasant Hill, California

Mark founded The AlterNetWays Company in 2001 after 23 years with Wells Fargo Bank and is also a former Peace Corps volunteer.

In 2010 The AlterNetWays Company launched Assisted Rides (, a comprehensive software package for volunteer programs with an emphasis on organizations that provide transportation for the elderly and people with disabilities.  The growth of Assisted Rides has been dramatic and In 2014 Assisted Rides was used by more than 70 organizations to provide more than 275,000 rides and services for Clients in 21 different states. 

Assisted Rides is now used by hospitals, faith-based non-profits, Area Agency on Aging organizations, Aging and Disability Resource Centers and many other kinds of organizations.  Having worked with a broad spectrum of various not-for-profit organizations, Mark brings a unique perspective to the exploding need for transportation for seniors and people with disabilities.