Kay Kohen, MA
Volunteer, Enloe Medical Center

Kay is a retired social science teacher, college lecturer and secondary administrator of 38 years. The majority of her career was in Chico Unified School District with two stints of teaching overseas at Jakarta International School and Singapore American School. She was raised overseas in Seoul, Korea as the daughter of 3rd generation missionaries. This sense of service and giving to the community runs deep in her childhood and adult life experiences. Upon retirement in 2016, Kay began her volunteer work as a Patient Ambassador at Enloe Medical Center. Shortly after she started, there was a vacancy for Vice President of Recruitment, and she was asked if she would step into that role. After a year of interviewing applicants and getting them off to a smooth start as volunteers, she was recruited to serve as President-Elect for the 2018-2019 year. She enjoys her contact with patients, employees and other volunteers and finds the opportunity to connect with patients enjoyable and rewarding. She is an active participant in many volunteer opportunities in Enloe Medical Center and is proud to be a part of such a fine organization. The world of volunteerism is exciting and new to Kay and she is looking forward to learning more about how she can contribute both locally and on a more global scale.