Kathie Mullins
Volunteer, St. Joseph Hospital - Orange

Volunteering has been a part of Kathie’s life for over 40 years starting with helping at her sons’ parent participation nursery schools.  Her volunteer work focused on activities for Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), Little League, soccer and football teams.  When the need for these opportunities ended, Kathie looked for another way to give back to her community.  She turned her attention to St. Joseph Hospital of Orange since she had always been interested in the medical field.

Kathie started her hospital volunteer work at St. Joseph Hospital in 1996 in the Emergency Care Center (ECC) and has remained there since.  She now trains new ECC volunteers and participates in the ECC Unit Based Council. Kathie soon began attending the Orange County Council of Hospital Volunteers meetings and has held several offices over the years including Vice President and President.  She has also served on the Volunteer Advisory Board at St. Joseph Hospital including three years as Co-Chair.  In 2016 Kathie was asked to become Region II Adviser to the CAHHS Committee on Volunteer Services.

St. Joseph Hospital - Orange
1100 West Stewart Drive
Orange, CA 92863