Hospital Quality Institute

The Hospital Quality Institute (HQI) provides coordination and support for improvement and harmonizes measures for patient safety and quality improvement activities for CHA, Hospital Council of Northern & Central California, Hospital Association of Southern California and Hospital Association of San Diego & Imperial Counties. The organization builds reliable and sustainable measures to gauge California’s performance and identifies opportunities for focus and innovation.

HQI oversees and coordinates Patient Safety First as well as:

California Hospital Engagement Network

The California Hospital Engagement Network (CalHEN) focuses on areas of harm to accelerate quality improvement and patient safety initiatives already under way in hospitals. The 170 participating hospitals collaborate locally and nationally to reduce inpatient harm, and preventable readmissions.


A division of the Hospital Quality Institute, CHPSO provides peer review-protected reporting, analysis and learning from accident and error to predict and eliminate future events from harming patients. CHPSO is a learning community that provides alerts and lessons learned, helps build the science of accident causation in health care, and assists hospitals in building robust safety and improvement systems.

Hospital Quality Committee

The Hospital Quality Committee advises the CHA and HQI Boards on quality of patient care and patient-safety issues, transparency, public reporting, policy development, and legislative and regulatory needs.