HBE Corporation
Kurt R. Kruger, Executive Vice President

HBE is the leading provider of commercial design-build construction for health care organizations, including replacement hospitals, hospital renovations/ additions, ambulatory care centers and medical facilities across the U.S. Since 1960, HBE has specialized in turnkey, single source, design-build project delivery.

HBE’s Comparative Analysis™ allows hospitals to compare their existing plans to an HBE alternative design, and receive a Guaranteed Lump Sum price. The client has no obligation until completely convinced that HBE’s proposed solution delivers a better value. For more than 1,100 projects nationwide, HBE’s unique approach has been an invaluable resource to hospital executives and Boards in maximizing program value and eliminating financial risks.

HBE’s mission statement is: “We are in the business of maximizing the value of our clients’ resources. Our unique discipline requires us to meet this goal or fail as a commercial enterprise.”

Founded in 1960 and headquartered in St. Louis, HBE ranks as one of the largest privately held companies in the country with a staff of over 500 people, including architects, engineers and construction experts. In June of 2008, HBE announced the spin-off of its health care design-build business into a private, employee-owned company operating under the name of HBE Corporation.

HBE Corporation
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