Fabiola Gutierrez
Program Manager, Contra Costa Regional Health Center

Fabiola first joined Health Leads as staff after working as a Health Leads undergraduate Advocate since the inauguration of Health Leads in the West Coast. The two years she spent at the clinic desk further reinforced her passion for advocating for a more holistic approach to healthcare which included addressing essential needs. This opportunity meant a lot to her because it felt like an honor to be able to work so closely with the people from Richmond, California, the same community where she grew up in. During her two years at Health Leads as a volunteer, she worked with the community as an Advocate and a Program Coordinator. After graduating from UC Berkeley with Bachelor’s Degrees in Integrative Biology and Psychology, she was given the opportunity to work as a Program Fellow for the Health Leads site at West County Health Center. Currently, she serves as the Program Manager for Health Leads at West County Health Center where she focuses on equipping the Advocates as well as the Leadership and Operations Management Team with the tools, training, support, and an environment that enables them to best support the individuals and families.