Diane Downey

Diane Downey is a retired elementary school teacher with 33 years of experience (standard elementary language development specialist).  During her career, she served as a mentor teacher, Teachers’ Association President, and Trainer for Drug and Alcohol prevention education curriculum and Quality Review for Monterey Office of Education.  She was honored as a recipient of the Harden Teaching Excellence Award.

Diane has been a volunteer at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital since 2007.  She has served as the Service League Vice President of Community Outreach and Coordinator of Community Services for 5 of her 7 years of service, and has provided over 2,700 hours in the Museum of Medical History and Community Outreach services in addition to her leadership roles.

Diane is a passionate educator and her expertise was invaluable in writing the Museum of Medical History Tour Curriculum to align with California Educational Standards so local schools can benefit from this unique program.