Cathy Monclus
Gift Shop Manager/Buyer, Cottage Health System, Santa Barbara, California

Cathy Monclus is the Manager and sole buyer for Cottage Health System’s Gift Shop, at the Santa Barbara Campus. She has presided over the Shop since 2005 and has more than 30 years experience in healthcare environments. Of these, 24 years were held in the position of Director of Materials Management which helped to bring her extensive purchasing experience to this exciting and fulfilling retail opportunity. Santa Barbara’s Gift Shop is open six days per week for a total of 75 weekly hours.The shop employs three additional part time personnel and is blessed with ten dedicated volunteers.For the past five years Cathy has served as the Gift Shop Chairperson for the Tri County region. She finds  facilitating in this position is both rewarding with shop challenges and great networking interaction. It is also a wonderful means to bring this county together in organization, buying opportunities and continual merchandise awareness. 

Cathy is married with two daughters and has been a Santa Barbara native for more than 40 years. She enjoys traveling and reading, and is always looking out for that great buying opportunity whether for business or personal!