Cathy Martin
Vice President, Workforce Policy

Cathy Martin is responsible for leading the CHA Workforce Committee, a hospital-led committee that focuses on identifying and implementing coordinated, strategic solutions that will address the long-term need for health care professionals in California. In addition, she is responsible for leading the Health Laboratory Workforce Initiative, which is comprised of clinical laboratory experts who are developing strategic solutions to the laboratory personnel workforce shortage in California.

Cathy has worked in the nonprofit sector for more than 20 years; the last 12 have been directly related to health care or public health. Prior to joining CHA, Cathy was executive director of the California State Rural Health Association (CSRHA), where she led the Rural Workforce Collaborative, a CSRHA taskforce that developed recommendations to address health care workforce shortages in rural areas.

From 1992-2006, Cathy was the associate director and chief financial officer of the California Center for Civic Participation, a non-profit organization in Sacramento that provides California youth with the knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary to become informed participants in the democratic process, empowering them to take actions that result in policy outcomes that positively impact the health of their communities.

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