Betty Puckett
President, Purchasing Power Plus, Sanford, Florida

Betty’s career profile includes fifteen years experience in finance and accounting, as well an extensive background in the gift shop industry. As the first paid manager for The Toledo Hospital Gift Shop, Betty increased profits from $200,00 to over $900,000 within her first five years.

Additionally, she employed and managed 10 paid staff members, and 30 volunteers. Given her financial background and understanding of the gift shop industry, Betty was intrigued by the concept of gift shop buying networks. As a manager, she valued networking opportunities, and from a financial point of view, appreciated the power of a buying group.

While maintaining her role as hospital gift shop manager, Betty collaborated with her partners to build the foundation of Purchasing Power Plus (PPP).  Betty infused fresh insight into the development of our program and each year new benefits were added, marketing plans implemented and relationships developed.

Purchasing Power Plus is now entering its 16th year of business and boasts a membership of more than 700 Hospital Gift Shop Members nationwide!  Betty’s commitment to the unique calling of hospital gift shop managers has led to the recent introduction of a trade publication exclusively designed for PPP Members:  PULSE.