Population Health Management Recording
Webinar 3: Clinical Imperatives of Population Health Management

Webinar Recorded Live July 14, 2015

This web page provides access to the recording and materials for Webinar 3, Clinical Imperatives of Population Health Management. Click on the “Materials” tab to download the Issue Brief and presentation slides, and to access the program recording.


Use of consistent clinical protocols within well-defined care models is critical to successfully managing the health of a population under value-based payment or an at-risk financial model. Learn about wellness models, chronic disease management protocols and evidence-based practices for effective health maintenance, with an emphasis on evolving roles among clinicians. Tools to analyze population health needs and coordinate clinical care in all settings and modalities, including virtually, will also be covered.

After viewing the recording, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the importance of segmenting the population according to health status, and epidemiology;
  • Identify different types of clinical interventions that apply to different population segments; and
  • Define the role of intervention evaluation and refinement in achieving desired benefits and outcomes.

Kaufman Hall Faculty:
Anand Krishnaswamy, Assistant Vice President
Matthew J. Lambert III, MD, Senior Vice President
Walter W. Morrissey, MD, Senior Vice President


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