Population Health Management Recording
Webinar 2: Business Imperatives of Population Health Management

Webinar Recorded Live June 2, 2015

This web page provides access to the recording and materials for Webinar 2, Business Imperatives of Population Health Management. Click on the “Materials” tab to download the Issue Brief and presentation slides, and to access the program recording.


This module addresses the business challenges in developing PHM care models and delivery networks, including how to configure a network to achieve adequate coverage, desired market position, and high-quality care and positive outcomes. Also explored are build, buy or partner options for network development, as well as key business skills in operating a successful PHM delivery network, including contracting, cost management, consumer engagement, and marketing and communications.

After viewing the recording, participants will be able to:

  • Describe approaches to population attribution, integration and funds flow related to physician and clinical integration;
  • Understand the role of delivery network optimization and contracting in population health success;
  • Define marginal cost reduction versus total cost transformation and their roles in population health management; and
  • Describe elements of the management/governance, care management, IT and analytics infrastructure necessary for the business facets of population health management.

Todd W. Fitz, Senior Vice President
John Poziemski, Vice President
Kalani Redmayne, Assistant Vice President


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