Principles of Volunteer Resource Management: Program Operations and Risk Management
Mary McCormack, CAVS, DCVS, President, Information Enterprises, Jacksonville, Florida

In today’s challenging economy, the bottom line for volunteer management professionals is to manage effective and cost-efficient volunteer programs. This session discusses best practice recommendations for the foundation of a successful volunteer program that meets the needs of hospitals, other healthcare systems and our next generation volunteers.   Current standards mandate that safety, security and risk management be woven throughout the entire volunteer program. 

This program will provide an overview of crucial fundamentals including interviewing, screening, training, recognition, and retention of volunteers.  What can you say and ask during an interview?  What does Joint Commission and other survey companies expect for you to cover during orientation?  What do volunteers “really” want regarding personal recognition?  How can you keep your volunteers active and involved? This is just the tip of the iceberg of what is covered in this program.  In addition to this content, you will receive time-proven sample forms that you can use at your facility.  Module 5, Program Operations and Risk Management, is a “must-have” session!

During this educational program, participants will learn and discuss:

  • Competency-Based Service Descriptions
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Application and Interview Process
  • Volunteer Orientation and Annual Training
  • Supervision and Disciplinary Process
  • Recognition, Motivation, and Retention

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