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Senate confirms Sylvia Mathews Burwell as health secretary
San Francisco Chronicle

New management, same problems. Sylvia Mathews Burwell was confirmed Thursday as the nation’s new health secretary, but she’ll have to act quickly to head off more insurance chaos this fall.

The 78-17 Senate vote was a bipartisan show of support for the veteran government manager who most recently served as President Obama’s budget director.

Burwell’s attention will immediately turn to the Health and Human Services department’s newest mission: covering the uninsured under Obama’s health care law.

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California residents support soda tax to fight obesity, health study shows

Fighting obesity by taxing sugary drinks and restricting junk food advertisements aimed at children has support from a wide majority of residents surveyed in a Southern California public health study released on Thursday.

The findings from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health come as friction mounts between the beverage industry and health advocates over the best way to fight obesity and diabetes, tied by studies to over-consumption of soda, sweets and junk food.

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How Hospitals Are Reinventing Themselves
Health Leaders Media

Trying to envision the hospital of the future in the context of the changing healthcare landscape is a bit like trying to envision the future of the internal combustion engine in the automobile industry: They won’t go away, but they’ll be a smaller and smaller piece of the whole as time goes on. The successful healthcare entity of the future might include one inpatient hospital or several, but that modality of care — the most expensive — is also likely to decline in importance to the whole as the dust settles from the vast array of changes healthcare reform brings with it.

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The Face of Health Care Reform
The Huffington Post

While on a recent business trip to Washington D.C., I had the privilege of a brief conversation with Arianna Huffington. I can only imagine how many people approach her for different reasons and on that day, I was no different. I figured I had about two minutes to tell her my story and see if she was willing to help me. Arianna listened carefully and invited me to follow up with her via a personal email and upon my return home, I sent the email along with a recap of our conversation.

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Medicaid rolls surge, but not everywhere

Medicaid enrollment is surging, but states shunning Obamacare’s huge Medicaid expansion are getting left behind, according to data released Wednesday by HHS. About 65 million people were enrolled in Medicaid and the closely related Children’s Health Insurance Program at the end of April, 6 million more than had been enrolled in the months leading up to Obamacare’s Oct. 1 launch.

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Hospital’s healthcare fee causes nothing but headaches
Los Angeles Times

The arthritis in Jill Smith’s knees can make walking unbearable. So she receives injections of an expensive pain medicine called Orthovisc once or twice a year.

It’s not that Smith, 58, of Pacific Palisades, has problems with the $200 fee that her doctor at the Santa Monica Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Group charges each time she comes in for her shots.

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How does your hospital compare?
Fort Bragg Advocate News

Is Fort Bragg’s Mendocino Coast District Hospital better or worse compared to other area hospitals?

It’s a simple question, but when asked why they choose to have elective procedures done in Willits, Ukiah or Santa Rosa rather than Fort Bragg, a response heard from some coast residents is that they believe doctor expertise and the general quality of care is better elsewhere. Seldom are heard any facts and figures to support these perceptions, however.

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Miller Children’s Adds Women To Its Official Name
Gazette Newspapers

Miller Children’s Hospital of Long Beach has added women to its name, at least officially. As of Monday, the hospital connected to Long Beach Memorial Medical Center will do business as the Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach. According to a release, the decision was made to “reflect the full level of care the hospital provides.” Miller is the site for more than 6,000 births a year, and those babies come with mothers. In addition to prenatal and birthing care, the hospital offers a variety of programs for women, including post-natal care.

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County proposes Kern Medical Center-Kern Health Systems merger
Bakersfield Californian

County officials are unveiling a new plan to help rescue Kern Medical Center: a merger with Kern Health Systems.

Under the carefully crafted proposal, the struggling county hospital and the successful public health insurance management firm would become one integrated service called the Kern County Health System Authority….