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At WSJ CEO Council, Health Law’s Success Depends on Which Number You Prefer
The Wall Street Journal

By now, supporters and opponents of the Affordable Care Act often divide along “glass half full or half empty” lines over similar facts, and each perspective was on display at the Wall Street Journal CEO Council on Tuesday.

“We believe coverage in general has been improved” by the 2010 law, said Health and Human Services senior counselor Leslie Dach. “That’s an important beginning.”

His agency has estimated that the law has extended coverage to 17.6 million people, between its provision requiring plans to cover young adult dependents to their 26th birthdays, the expansion of Medicaid, and the availability of subsidized private coverage to everyone through and state equivalents. The law also imposes new requirements on insurance plans on what they must cover, and says they must price coverage equally regardless of people’s medical history, and these affect everyone who gets insurance on their own.