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Would you give up a raise to keep your health coverage?
Chicago Tribune

If you had to choose between getting a raise or giving it up so you could keep the health coverage you rely on at work, which would you take?

Almost half of workers would skip the raise if it meant they could count on their health coverage, a study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute has found. Attitudes are clearly mixed, with workers also eager to get a bump in pay after a long period of stagnant income.

Age makes a difference in outlook, noted Paul Fronstin, EBRI health care analyst. Millennials, during and after the recession, started their work lives with unusually low-paying jobs. With high rents and huge student loan burdens, many are eager for more pay. Older workers with families to support, and often higher health care costs than younger workers, tend to favor the health care benefits, Fronstin said.