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Will medicine be the next field to face a sexual harassment reckoning?
The Los Angeles Times

While a revolution against cultures of sexual harassment and inequality has swept through Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Hollywood and other work environments, one field so far has escaped the reckoning: medicine.

Could that be about to change? That’s the question pondered by Reshma Jagsi, a professor of radiation oncology at the University of Michigan and director of its Center for Bioethics and Social Sciences. Jagsi was the lead author of a 2014 survey on sexual harassment and gender bias in academic medicine that is getting new attention today.

“My intuition is that the problem is at least as bad in medicine as elsewhere,” Jagsi related in a recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine. “And the data show that the problem for female physicians is certainly bad enough that the profession must work together to correct it.”

Female physicians may be more reluctant to come forward to report harassment than professionals in other fields for several reasons, Jagsi told me in an interview Wednesday.