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Why insurers oppose a fantastic proposal to let California women have a year’s supply of birth control
Los Angeles Times

On Monday, the California Senate is expected to approve a bill that would allow women to pick up a year’s worth of birth control pills at a time, instead of forcing them, as their health insurance companies so often do, to return to the pharmacy every month or every three months for refills.

A year’s supply of contraception, studies show, reduces unwanted pregnancies, lowers the abortion rate and saves millions of dollars.

“There is a need for consistent, uninterrupted contraception,” said the bill’s author, Democratic state Sen. Fran Pavley, when she introduced the measure, SB 999, at a committee hearing last week. It’s especially important, she said, for women who live in rural areas, or whose busy schedules make it difficult to get to the pharmacy to keep refilling a prescription. “It’s a bill whose time has come.”