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Voters pass Props 1, 2 & 47, reject Prop 45, 46 & 48
San Francisco Chronicle

Voters overwhelmingly passed the two state ballot measures pushed by Gov. Jerry Brown: A $7.5 billion water bond that will pay for water recycling and new storage systems but do little to bring relief to Californians affected by the drought, and a rainy day fund designed to cushion the state during financial hard times.

Prop 1 will pay for water recycling, new storage systems — possibly dams — and groundwater monitoring. It was sold to voters in tandem with Prop. 2, the rainy-day fund, which will set aside millions of dollars in the state budget each year to avoid the kind of financial meltdown that sank California during the recession. Brown made the two ballot measures his key priorities in this election, campaigning more for the two propositions than he did for himself and contributing $3.3 million from his barely-touched campaign coffers toward their passage.