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Virus Sleuths Chip Away At Ebola Mysteries
National Public Radio

Vincent Racaniello, who studies viruses at Columbia University, says Ebola has recently become his obsession.

“I find myself reading incessantly about Ebola when I should be doing other things,” says Racaniello, host of the online show This Week in Virology, which has devoted several recent programs to Ebola.

The unprecedented Ebola outbreak probably has more virologists thinking about Ebola than ever before. And while scientists have learned a lot about this virus since it was discovered almost four decades ago, there’s still a lot left to wonder about.

Racaniello and his virologist buddies wish they knew some really basic things — like, how does the virus actually slip into cells? What part of the cell’s surface does it latch onto to get access? Knowing that might let scientists figure out ways to block it.