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UV sun patch, Bluetooth-enabled pregnancy tests, other health gadgets make their debut at #CES2016
The Washington Post

From patches that keep track of UV exposure to Bluetooth-enabled pregnancy tests, the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show exhibition floors were filled with all manner of gadgets aimed at improving your health and well-being.

Practically everyone seemed to cite a “Harvard study” (or Stanford/Yale/Cleveland Clinic study) as the basis of the science behind their devices — but many demurred when pressed for details.

It’s clear these are still early days in the market for health gadgets, but it’s also clear there are numerous promising ideas out there that will shake up how you think about how you eat, exercise, take medicines, your relationship with your doctor — and the power you have to manage your own health. Here’s a look at a few emerging products that either hit the market in recent months or will be coming out later this year.