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Using a multi-pronged approach to fix hospital culture and improve patient safety
Becker's Hospital Review

Culture is one of the most important parts of any organization. Culture plays an active role in determining productivity, results, how an organization is viewed and how it solves problems. Nowhere is this more true and important than in hospitals and health systems, where culture quite literally translates to a safer environment for patient care.

“Any time you conduct a root cause analysis of preventable patient injury, you find that culture in a way is the mother of all root causes,” says Catherine Miller, RN, senior risk management and patient safety specialist for the Cooperative of American Physicians. “For example, culture can manifest a value of production over patient safety, or culture can make it more difficult to strike that balance.”

Hospital culture is representative of the shared attitudes and beliefs of an organization’s staff, Ms. Miller says. For many, it’s the clearest representation of “how we do things around here.”