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Three Women Changing The Way We Deliver Healthcare

In the wake of Amazon’s nearly one billion dollar acquisition of the online pharmacy, Pillpack (a full-service pharmacy that delivers medication), there is little question about the impact that technology is having on healthcare. And while technology has been a key component of healthcare for decades, improvements in security and efficiency provided by platforms like PillPack only just scratch the surface of what is possible. In time, we may replace many of those pills altogether with tech-enabled healthcare solutions that are designed to change behaviour in line with specific health outcomes. This emerging sub-sect of the health-tech industry has been coined digital health therapeutics.

Digital health therapeutics equips healthcare providers with a new way to provide patient care while accessing patient health information remotely and in real-time, while also empowering patients to take control of their own health. And with healthcare costs skyrocketing, the concept of both remote care and tech-enabled preventative measures are catching the eye of both individuals and companies. For companies, this amounts to reducing insurance costs and time lost at work due to illness. Companies that take proactive measures can create enormous ripple effects that impact the bottom line in a major way.