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Teladoc raises $50 million for telemedicine platform

In one of the largest raises of the year in the digital health space, the telehealth company Teladoc says today it has raised $50 million from Jafco Ventures and others.

The funding was made public in a regulatory filing on September 18, in which Teladoc also reported that its revenues are between $25 million and $100 million a year.

The large investment underscores the eagerness of startups and investors to grab mindshare as virtual doctor visits move mainstream for both consumers and healthcare providers.

In fact, telemedicine may be one of the healthcare system’s most powerful tools for cutting costs and promoting wellness as more payors begin using value-based reimbursement models. The might eliminate unnecessary face-to-face doctor visits, as well as allow caregivers to keep better tabs on at-risk patients.