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Streamlined Core Measures Advance Cost-Effective Healthcare

Improved health at lower cost means paying special attention to magnified metrics. This task is no simple feat. Although there are currently thousands of possible core measures providing healthcare professionals, payers, policy makers, and beneficiaries with meaningful, actionable information, such information is not always directly effective in enhancing and advancing a deeply multi-faceted healthcare industry. The high volume of measures alone often hinders focus and promotes inadequate consistency and weakly implemented organization.

A committee from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommends 15 streamlined core measures and 32 related priority measures within a recent report for tracking the advancement of improved health and healthcare. The objectives of this initiative include diminishing the burden of unnecessary reporting and concentrating on vitally needed change for the healthcare industry. According to IOM, such measures may provide consistent guidelines for healthcare’s evolution while eliminating gaps in system performance.