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State must close gaps in breast cancer treatment
Sacramento Bee

Studies show that younger women often have more aggressive forms of breast cancer than older women and that their five-year survival rates are lower. For women diagnosed with early breast cancer, most recurrence happens within the first five years after treatment.

So why does the state-funded Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program exclude screenings for women under 40, not allow treatment of the same tissue and limit treatment to 18 months?

Earlier this year, a policy committee of the Susan G. Komen Foundation in California introduced a bill to close those three gaps and provide life-saving screening and treatment for low-income Californians.

Assembly Bill 1795 passed the Assembly Health Committee with bipartisan support, but there is a long road ahead until it is signed into law. The Appropriations Committee hearing is set for this month, so now is the time for legislative leaders to support this bill.