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Report: White House Knew Millions Would Lose Existing Policies
California Healthline

Despite repeated assurances that U.S. residents who like their health insurance plans would be able to keep them under the Affordable Care Act, millions of consumers nationwide are receiving letters from their insurers — or are expected to receive them in the coming weeks — informing them that their coverage soon will be cancelled, NBC News reports.

According to NBC News, four sources who helped develop the ACA said that between 50% to 75% of the estimated 14 million people who purchase individual coverage could expect to receive “cancellation” notices or similar letters over the next year because their current policies do not meet the minimum coverage requirements. At least one expert — Robert Laszewski, a consultant at Health Policy and Strategy Associates — estimates that figure could reach 80%. According to NBC News, all the sources agreed that many of the consumers would be required to buy more costly coverage and could experience “sticker shock.”